This website is one of my pet projects and it contains my other projects.

Mifare access bits calculator - link (source)

Online tool for calculating and parsing access conditions from sector trailers of Mifare Classic or Mifare Plus cards. It also demostrates the possibilites of Qt for Webassembly.

NFC terminal - link to Google Play (source)

This Android application allows you to send raw commands to contactless smart cards using standart ISO14443 (3A, 3B and 4A and 4B parts). This can be usefull for developers, testers and other engineers. Your device must support NFC tehnology.

DrawA╠▓lot (Flutter) - link to Google Play - web demo (source)

Drawing application for kids. Use your fingers or stylus to create drawings and coloring pictures, save them in the gallery.

Randary (Flutter) - link (source)

Random C/C++ arrays generator. This online tool allows you to generate pseudo-random arrays of integers and format them in C/C++ style. It is written in Dart language using Flutter.

Randary (Rust) - link (source)

The same tool as above, but it is written in Rust language using Iced cargo.